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A few months ago, I decided that I was going to take up photography.  I’ve always wanted to, but I’ve never had the time for a course or anything serious like that.  Regardless, I threw caution to the wind, did some research, dug out my savings, and purchased a glorious (and cheap) DSLR.  I took photos all summer… (and they were satisfactory) but, again, I’ve lost the drive.

Today, after a much-needed conversation with a friend, I have decided to take a course!  I have done a quick search, and found one that suits me – but it might be full… unfortunately, I am realizing this at a very ungodly hour, and apparently these schools close at such hours.  Alas!  The world does not understand that students are awake 24/7.

Side note: one of my friends today came up to me and was like “did you hear about [Lauren]?”  “No,” I said.  “What happened?” “Dude, she was totally behind on her essays – she had two due today – and so she’s had like 4 coffees, and 2 redbulls today.  At about 2:30pm, she was hallucinating.  [Sean]’s been keeping her company… but apparently nothing she says makes any sense!”  (we laughed at Lauren’s expense – but this is the sad reality of caffeine overdose)

Anyway, so that is the start of my quest for a hobby.  Something that people can relate to, and that will exercise a different part of my brain.  (Although, my mother suggests pilates. Apparently, it makes you taller).  I’ve included a sample of what *I hope* is to come!



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  1. Photography is a great hobby to take up. I, sadly, have had similar troubles as you, starting and then drifting off. If you set up some goals for your photography and this blog, it’ll help you keep at it knowing you need that X shot for the week’s post.

    The photo you’ve posted isn’t too shabby, but I think the composition and values could be stronger. Shooting down the center empty field with runways on either side, especially the plane on the very far right edge, makes you feel like you’re missing the interesting bits. Right now, there’s no real focus of the photo. For the values, switch it to greyscale and check it out – aside from the sky-ground divide, there’s really no significant variation in value, even between the grass and runways. I think a lot of that would be remedied with better composition though.

  2. Thanks for the comments! I have a lot to learn!

    The composition was on purpose – I like the sense of being lost in the space between the clouds and the land. That being said, I do see your point – on both counts. I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

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