the road to my qualifying exam is paved with…

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disaster is the best word to describe my relationship to this blog and to my studies.

after the term from hell (two classes plus a boss who treats you like a research associate instead of a grad student), it’s taken me a while to get back to a baseline level of normal.  wake up at 830am, drag my ass to school by 930 (i’m supposed to be there at 9…), do some experiments, pump body full of caffeine, do more experiments, more caffeine – maybe realize that lunch is important, then leave school at 6pm, go to a coffee shop and study.  9pm, realize the cafe will probably close in an hour and it’s sad that i’m still there and not at home.  also, hunger starts to set in, and i hope there’s food at home.  10pm, watch tv for an hour, while i try to remember that life is worth it, 12am (yeah, that hour was actually two hours…) sleep.

you see, my advisory committee thinks that i’m a strong enough student that i can take the phd qualifying exam, and my supervisor wants that transfer to happen as soon as possible – and so i only have a few months to prepare (well, two now) for an exam that scares me to no end.  what’s so bad, you ask?  i can’t remember any biochemistry basics.  it’s like i never took an honor’s degree!   and so, i’m stumbling around through life… hanging onto things like the internet and tv for a connection to reality.

stay tuned for more depression…

and if you want insight into grad school – read phdcomics (see links).  you’ll laugh, and if you are in grad school, you’ll cry… because it’s all true.   sigh…


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