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i haven’t forgotten about my desire to blog my way through grad school!   since my last post i’ve been struggling to keep my head above water.  in january i distinctly remember swallowing enough metaphorical water that i allowed myself to say “goodbye world” … and then time caught up to me, and i crashed headfirst into midterm break.

since then i’ve slowed down… no more do i plan on being at school till 2am and returning at 7, taking just enough time to close my eyes and convince myself that that was indeed sleep, and, of course, to shower.  no, i plan on slowing down enough to at least be able to function on less than 5 cups of coffee a day!

anyway, needless to say, the world of classes alongside experiments is depressing.  goodbye society, goodbye friends, goodbye polite conversation…. and hello colds, dirty laundry, and a non-functional EQ.  (i went to a party one night right after a day in the lab, and within 20 min of my arrival, i had managed to insult 3 people and alienate a fourth.  at 25 min, i decided to cut my losses and go home.  so much for trying to have a social life!)

so, in case you’ve been wondering.. that’s where i’ve been!

until next time….


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