oh, the holidays…

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is there something about the holidays that makes people go insane?  i haven’t looked for any studies… but honestly, every year, i gauge the christmas craaaaaze level by how scared i am of other drivers.  no joke.

yesterday, one of those little semi trucks couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be in my lane or the one on the right.. and so instead of choosing one and sticking to it until he could figure that out in his sub-average brain, he decided he would just fucking swerve until the truck naturally came to an equilibrium somewhere.  i was behind him and wondering whether i could lane change myself, or if i were better off waiting for the next exit… when i noticed the car next to him.  i gave the horn a good push.  we were on a bridge by this point, and thankfully he took the hint and stayed in his own lane… otherwise i might have been witness to a horrendous collision.

the other day, i was about to turn left, and saw the car coming toward me –

he was slowing down, and it was a yellow, so i figured, he’s about to stop (it’s now illegal in this town to fly through the yellow).  no, sir. as soon as i started to turn i realized my mistake.  he hadn’t  seen the yellow at all, and in fact, even if he was slowing down – that had been by accident.  guy looked at me as he flew past with a look of “oh.”  yeah, seriously, asshole.  learn to fucking drive.

i don’t think we should be as afraid of drunk drivers and cell-phone users as we should be of holiday drivers.  see, at least with the former two, they do not form the majority of drivers.  but holiday drivers – that’s fucking everyone, man!  it’s that guy walking across the street right now… it’s your old grade 2 teacher – it’s even your mom.

so these holidays, folks,  take care out there – and watch out for those sober bastards!  they’re more likely to hit you than my engineering buddies!


how badly do i need a break?

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well, it appears that my supervisor is more of a hard-ass than i anticipated.

my brother just purchased a ps3 last night, and since he is away for the holidays, he called me and offered to lend it to me until he gets back in january.  i, of course, accepted.  free ps3 for a month?  why, thank you!

so, i was trying to figure out what game to try out first, and mentioned this to one of the girls in the office, who responded with “oh, don’t you know that we have to work over the holidays?”   i was like “whaaaat?”  and so, according to her, our lab is expected to show up over “supposed” break, even though the university itself is officially closed.

i am, needless to say, in shock.  i mean, wtf?  don’t i put in enough time already, that you have to take away the one bit of mid-winter sanity that we all work toward every november?!  granted, i was thinking about coming in here or there – but i didn’t expect that i’d have to come in.  they are two very different situations.  in one case, you arrive an hour or two after you wake up… at a leisurely sunday morning pace.  in the other: a quick grande pike, shirt on backward, speed through 3 lanes of traffic, all to arrive a half an hour early to get a head start on experiments that will take you until 9pm anyway.

the girl in the lab was like “oh, it’s no big deal, just use your vacation days”

but this is a matter of principle.  no other fucking grad student has to be at school that week.  why the differential treatment?

anyway.  i’m still renting a pile of games and enjoying my evenings to the full.  take that! …sir.

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