yes! i am a genius!!!

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…. according to this comic.  

of course… when all you do all say is stress about your qualifying exam.. mess up experiments and then complain about it on facebook…

right, i got nothing.  nap time!



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one of my lab mates laughs whenever i tell her i’m going out with friends and tells me “[mdr410], you need to just lose the friends.  that’s the secret to grad school.”

she’s probably right.  take this past weekend.  a guy i’ve been seeing got himself drunk enough to explain to me what his “true lifestyle” is – then spent the weekend wanting to talk to me about it, instead of letting me move on.

a whole set of friends call me repeatedly telling me “your supervisor works you too hard, tell him you need a life” – yeah, that’ll work.

another couple of friends, who have just graduated with their master’s degrees, are constantly upset with me when i ask for their understanding when i can’t meet up every week.

i’m a nice person, so i don’t want to tell people to eff off, and each of these people is fantastic in his/her own right, but seriously, i am not sure what to do anymore.  maybe i should just tell people to call me in *hopefully* four years.

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